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Daniel M. Dobkin, PhD
Bus. Phone: 408.314.2769

CNSV Affiliate Member

Semiconductor processing, chemical vapor deposition, heat and mass transport, CMOS reliability, low-power wireless communications, RFID.

Daniel Dobkin 2

877 Sutter Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

  • Semiconductor processing:  GaAs MESFET design, fabrication, and characterization from DC to 18 GHz.  Si, SiO2 and TiN chemical vapor deposition, reactor design from mTorr to 1 atmosphere, heat and mass transport, plasma discharge generation and characterization, residual gas analysis, MOCVD reactor optimization and waste handling, electrochemical gas synthesis.   Author of Principles of Chemical Vapor Deposition with Michael Zuraw.
  • Low-power wireless communications (physical layer), including 802.11 and RFID.  Antenna design and characterization, path loss in realistic propagation environments, signal conversion, power amplifier operation.  Author of RF Engineering for Wireless Networks, and The RF in RFID (the latter with 700 citations per ResearchGate).
  • Mixed-signal CMOS  for voltage conversion: layout, reliability, failure analysis, ESD specifications and testing, bench characterization, HTOL, and analog system architecture.
  • Numerous courses, tutorials, and presentations on RFID and semiconductor topics.
  • Patent administrator for WJ Communications and R2 Semiconductor.  Creation of disclosures, managed submission and prosecution, maintenance and life cycle.
  • Author of over 40 technical papers plus books above, with over 1200 citations in the technical literature per ResearchGate.

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