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Charles H. Sobey
Bus. Phone: 972.814.3441

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

Emerging NVM Technologiegs, Product Development, DNA, CNT, RRAM, PRAM, STT-MRAM, Machine Learning, ECC, 3D NAND Flash, PRML Detection, SSD, HDD, Data Storage, Data Recovery

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Plano, TX 75024

Chuck Sobey (Senior Member of IEEE) founded ChannelScience in 1996 and has grown it into a top technical consultancy for emerging nonvolatile memories (NVMs) and data storage innovations. He is also the General Chairman of Flash Memory Summit, the world’s #1 independent storage conference.

Chuck uses his technical expertise, industry connections, and clear communication to define and execute strategies that help clients develop new business and “Establish the State-of-the-Art!”™ His primary technical focus is analyzing signal, noise, distortion, and defects in new NVMs to develop signal processing, coding, architectures, and applications that optimize performance and enable profitable mass production.

He has an international reputation as a trusted advisor, guiding clients through the evaluation and optimization of emerging NVMs, matching them to their unique applications. He is also well-known for creating and presenting the industry’s clearest and most-effective technical training seminars.

Chuck can provide expert consultant/witness services for intellectual property (IP) cases, assist with due diligence, and advise or join boards of directors.

He is an award-winning consultant and was honored to give the opening technical keynote address at the first flash conference held in China, as well as at the industry’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the hard disk drive. Chuck is an electrical and computer engineering graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California at Santa Barbara.

STT-MRAM, RRAM, PCM, QuantX™ and 3D XPoint™ (Optane™), and FeRAM;
Error Correction Coding (ECC) including BCH, Reed-Solomon, and LDPC;
3D NAND flash; SSDs; and MATLAB® modeling.

Artificial intelligence (AI) agents for augmenting technical expertise;
NVM for edge computing, 5G, autonomous vehicles, IoT, and neuromorphic computing;
Accelerators; Computational storage; and
Research on carbon nanotube (CNT) NVM, Spin-orbit torque, DNA storage, and emerging memories and materials.

The “Hirable for Life™” (H4L) workshops for experienced engineers and scientists in career or technology transitions;
Customized workshops for technical presentation skills, leadership, and expertise development; and
NVMe SSD, 3D NAND flash, and emerging NVM technologies classes.

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