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Brian Zahnstecher
Bus. Phone: 508.847.5747
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CNSV Member

IEEE Senior Member

Enterprise Power Electronics and Data Center Technology, Battery Life Extension, Consumer Electronics, Energy Harvesting, Wearables, IoT. Market Analysis & OEM Market Penetration.

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65 E Pattagansett Rd
Niantic, CT 06357

Chair (Emeritus), IEEE SF Bay Area Power Electronics Society (PELS) PowerRox is a firm dedicated to solving power problems for those seeking to establish or enhance their position in the enterprise and consumer power electronics marketplace.  We specialize in improving the efficiency, reliability, cost reduction through hands-on support and training/seminars/workshops.  We can solve problems in power supply design, power system development, system debug and test, cost/performance analysis, marketing, and re-design.  We are committed to meeting all deadlines, performing on-budget, debugging/testing solutions to required levels, and doing the highest quality work possible.

Brian Zahnstecher is a Sr. Member of the IEEE, Chair (Emeritus) of the IEEE SFBAC Power Electronics Society (PELS) awarded 2017 Best Chapter awards at the local/national/worldwide levels concurrently (an unprecedented achievement), IEEE PELS North America Regional (R1-3) Chair, sits on the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) Board of Directors, is Co-founder & Chair (Emeritus) of the PSMA Reliability Committee, Co-chair of the PSMA Energy Harvesting Committee, Co-founder & Co-chair of the EnerHarv workshop, and is the Principal of PowerRox, where he focuses on power design, integration, system applications, OEM market penetration, market research/analysis, and private seminars for power electronics.  He Co-chairs the IEEE Future Directions (formerly 5G) Initiative webinar series and is the founding Co-chair of the IEEE 5G Roadmap Energy Efficiency Working Group, authored the Group’s position paper, and has lectured on this topic at major industry conferences.  He has successfully handled assignments in system design/architecting, ac/dc front-end power, EMC/EMI design/debug, embedded dc/dc solutions, processor power, and digital power solutions for a variety of clients.  He previously held positions in power electronics with industry leaders Emerson Network Power (now Advanced Energy), Cisco, and Hewlett-Packard, where he advised on best practices, oversaw product development, managed international teams, created/enhanced optimal workflows and test procedures, and designed and optimized voltage regulators.  He has been a regular contributor to the industry as an invited keynote speaker, author, workshop participant, session host, roundtable moderator, and volunteer.  He has nearly 20 years of industry experience and holds Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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