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Brian P. Tremaine
Bus. Phone:  
Mobile: 669.273.6035

CNSV Member

IEEE Senior Member

Control systems, analog circuits, embedded firmware, motion control, opto-electronics, sensors.

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3633 Westview Dr.
San Jose, CA 95148

Specialties include:

  • control systems design
  • FPGA design
  • analog circuit design
  • embedded firmware (motion control)
  • opto-electronics (sensors)
  • system formulation from first principles

Experienced P.E. with expertise in servo control systems design, circuit design, FPGA design, and algorithm development. I have an analytical mind and can solve your problems using simulation, system design, and implementation of ideas into manufacturable products.

Servo control system design and algorithm development for complex systems are my passions while analog design and embedded firmware have been the tools with which I implement new product solutions. I can personally take designs from concept through board layout, firmware design & debug to product release and support.

Strengths include managing core teams of senior engineers on innovative products while simultaneously being a hands-on contributor in design and solving multidisciplinary problems. My contributions span R&D, product development, and reliability.

An MBA in Business Management & Finance rounds out my knowledge and gives me a broader viewpoint with which to look at engineering solutions.

Specialties: Control Systems design, analog circuit design, embedded firmware (motion control), optoelectronics (sensors), FPGA design, and system formulation from first principles.

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