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Benjamin Reaves
Bus. Phone: 650.924.2367
Fax:  650.249.0102

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

Speech recognition, NLP, Japanese language, in-vehicle info systems, automotive UX, driver vehicle interaction

405 El Camino Real, #458
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Ben Reaves has done Speech and language processing in Japan and US since 1985, from hands-on software development to Engineering Management of international teams in India, Israel, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Korea. Ben’s experience includes:

  • Director of AI at Metabob: NLP for automatic generation of explanations of problems detected in python code;
  • Research and Development at Ellipsis Health: HIPAA-compliant AI behind telehealth system to aid in detection of clinical depression;
  • Toyota ITC USA: Prototypes of in-vehicle speech interfaces, and see how drivers use them! Presented to Akio Toyoda.
  • Nuance Communications: Java interface to core speech recognizer increased uptake of Nuance’s systems in applications beyond IVR. Successful IPO.
  • ATR and Panasonic in Japan: Speech recognition, automatic realtime translation between Japanese, German, Korean, Italian, English.

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