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Bus. Phone: 5052288197

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

Mission Critical Embedded Systems Device Drivers. Operating Systems. C, Assembly. Virtual and Augmented Reality. Expert on one-handed design.

14800 NW Corenell, Apt 4A
Portland, OR 97229

Mission Critical Embedded System Device Drivers. Operating Systems. Languages: C, Assembly. Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Systems Engineering Consultant, specializing in mission-critical embedded systems, data acquisition, control systems, device drivers, sensors, tools, test jigs.

Practice INCOSE/DO-178 Systems Engineering: Requirements, Functional, Design specs, Traceability, V&V, etc.

Provide consulting and contract engineering to clients who need extra help on a project or determining the best technical approaches to interesting problems.

Expert designing systems so they only require one hand. Also evaluating systems to determine if they require two hands (eg Tesla). (Please see: )

Been on many projects ‘womb-to-tomb’, with an excellent record of shipped products. Literate in both software and hardware. Possess superior systematic problem solving skill coupled with creative evaluation and original thinking abilities. Maintain detailed log of all career work for reference and documentation. Work effectively in team and individual efforts. Able to ‘zero in’ and focus complete attention in design and troubleshooting processes. Excellent synthesis and communication skills.

Firmware, Embedded controllers, Device drivers, Diagnostics, Research and Development, Field Testing and Evaluation, Troubleshooting, Documentation, Structured and Object-oriented design, Finite Automata, Prototype systems, simple Digital hardware, Test processes, Mass manufacturing

Specialties: Creating device and board-level architectures, device drivers that are correct, embedded applications, field work, supporting science experiments, data acquisition systems, communication devices and protocols, SBIR projects.

Interpreters, Compilers, Parsers, Filters, Assemblers, Emulators, Editors

C, Assembler (ARM, Atmel AVR, Motorola, Intel, 8051, PIC, DSP, Others), Forth, LEX, YACC, Perl, Shells, Horizontal Microcode, Basic, Pascal, Others

Many Bare-Metal, OS and RTOS projects.

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