Anne Meixner, Ph.D.
Bus. Phone: 971.704.2465
CNSV Member
IEEE Member

Test methodologies, mixed-signal, analog, manufacturing test, data analytics, electronic publishing.

3203 NE 33rd Ave
Portland, CA 97212

Anne Meixner has 30 years’ experience as an engineer and technical leader. With 25+ years in the semiconductor test industry she has honed her expertise in test technology at Intel Corporation.

As a technical leader she has focused on bringing new test technologies to ease manufacturing test costs while maintaining or improving test coverage. She effectively proves new test methods which impact manufacturing test with empirical data and drives adoption via presentations, documentation and training.

She blogs at and invites others to share their stories from working with technology.

She has successfully applied collaboration skills to connect people and knowledge across engineering teams.

Core Competencies:

  • Analog DFT
  • High Speed IO testing
  • fault modeling
  • manufacturing data analysis, technology development for new test methods
  • high volume manufacturing testing
  • Design for Test (DFT) Defect Based Testing
  • interface (I/O) test
  • analog, logic and memory test
  • process variation
  • test methodology for a manufacturing environment
  • data and statistical analysis
  • Design of Experiments
  • LEAN
  • data system improvements
  • Technical leadership
  • cross-functional team collaboration
  • technical program management
  • training development
  • requirements and specification writing
  • standardization on methods/processes
  • strong presentation skills
  • mentoring