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Aaron Needles
Bus. Phone: 530.220.2547

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Embedded software/firmware, real-time control, sensors, communications, networking.

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2708 Cadiz St
Davis, CA 95616

I am an engineering consultant specializing in the design of embedded software and hardware, from concept to production. I have over 20 years of experience solving real-world problems in the creation of hand-held devices, networking switches, robotic manipulators and vehicles, lighting and camera controls, power systems, motor controls and distributed control systems. My experience in these areas allows me to maximize product functionality while also negotiating environmental, packaging and cost constraints. I offer my services in design of turnkey solutions or to compliment your existing design team where needed. Experienced in all aspects of Software Development: Conception, Requirements definition, Use-case analysis, Software/Firmware coding and testing, System integration, Source code control and Customer support. Goal-driven and enjoy seeing a system or product come alive and fulfill its intended purpose. Key Specialties:

  • Complex embedded software and system design for real-time control.
  • Control system design, configuration and tuning.
  • Optimum sensor interface and integration.
  • Design of bootloaders with custom integration over serial channels.
  • Communications and networking over Serial buses, Ethernet and Wireless. Network switch management.
  • Motor control for BLDC, BLAC and PMSM motors. Stepper motor interfacing.
  • Hydraulic motor, actuator and valve control.
  • Robotic vehicle control and motor synchronization. Robotic arm kinematics and control.
  • User-machine interfaces.
  • Pressure-tolerant electronic PCB design using SMD technology for use at ocean depth.
  • Skilled in design of microcontroller-based PCBs for control and communication

Languages and Tools:

  • C/C++ (multiple cross-compilers for embedded controllers), Assembler, Verilog, VHDL.
  • C# .NET WinForms (Microsoft Visual Studio), HTML, JavaScript, Perl.
  • RTOS: VxWorks and custom.
  • Xilinx ISE toolset for CPLD and FPGA development, Altera tools for same, circuit simulators.
  • PCB Layout in Orcad and Altium Designer, Gerber editing tools.
  • Use of oscilloscopes, in-circuit emulators and debuggers, logic and protocol analyzers

Target Hardware:

  • Fixed and floating point DSPs. Atmel, Motorola/Freescale, Microchip Tech. and x86 microcontrollers.
  • Xilinx and Altera FPGAs and CPLDs.
  • Numerous embedded controllers, both custom designs and off-the-shelf varieties.

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