Machine Learning Conference Representation by U.S. Entities

Posted Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020 by Jeff Safire

Google and other U.S. companies and universities dominated this week’s International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), according to an analysis by AI investor Gleb Chuvpilo. Chuvpilo, a managing partner at Thundermark Capital, calculated the Publication Index for companies and universities that had papers accepted at ICML 2020, which runs through Saturday.

Top 10 organizations represented at the conference:

1. Google (US) — 92.2 papers
2. Stanford University (US) — 39.2
3. MIT (US) — 38.5
4. University of California, Berkeley (US) — 34.2
5. Carnegie Mellon University (US) — 24.0
6. Microsoft (US) — 22.6
7. Facebook (US) — 17.1
8. Princeton University (US) — 17.0
9. University of Oxford (UK) — 16.3
10. UT Austin (US) — 14.3


  • The Index reflects the full paper equivalents, so Google’s Publication Index of 92.2 means Google published the equivalent of 92.2 full papers.
  • At this year’s ICML, 1,088 papers out of 4,990 submissions were accepted.
  • Chuvpilo’s Publication Index counts overseas labs towards the location of the firm’s headquarters (country or region).
  • A Reddit discussion explores the analysis in further detail.

This article appeared first at Inside AI on July 14 2020.

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