The Technical Impossibilities of Autonomous Driving

Dr. Mark J. Nitzberg of Caruma Technologies, Inc.

Tue, Feb 14 2017, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm PST              The Technical Impossibilities of Autonomous Driving 1 The Technical Impossibilities of Autonomous Driving 2

As the first wave of autonomous cars and trucks merge onto our highways and media channels, we find ourselves imagining an efficient future with fewer vehicles, increased quality of life, and millions displaced from jobs as drivers.  However, it still looks like building fully autonomous vehicles that safely and effectively navigate the incalculable varieties of terrain – urban and rural – that humans do looks to be a near technical impossibility.

In this talk, Dr. Mark Nitzberg will provide his engineering overview of autonomous driving, and will describe its greatest technical challenges. He will also discuss the companies in this field, and the technologies that they each hope will allow them to crack the code. Mark will conclude with his view of the skill areas that these companies are searching for, and how the audience can join the fray and help overcome the technical challenges of autonomous driving.

The Technical Impossibilities of Autonomous Driving 4About the speaker,  Dr. Mark J. Nitzberg of Caruma Technologies, Inc.

Mark Nitzberg is an entrepreneur, scientist and seasoned organizational leader.  He has built companies and products in arenas including computer vision, machine learning, financial portfolio optimization, workflow efficiencies, online commerce, development aid data capture and analytics, and film and theatre.

Mark began studying AI as a stowaway at MIT in the “expert systems” wave of the early 1980s.  The subject of his 1991 PhD thesis was Computer Vision and Human Perception, under David Mumford at Harvard Univ.  Dr. Nitzberg was founding CEO of The Blindsight Corp., maker of assistive technologies for the low-vision and active-aging population.  He became Director, Computer Vision Products, after it acquisition by A9/Amazon.

Location: NVIDIA Corp., Santa Clara, CA

2800 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95050
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