The Future of Cellular Infrastructure

Tue, Mar 17 2009, 7:00 pm              The Future of Cellular Infrastructure 1

The last few years have seen massive changes in the way we use cellular networks. In addition to talking, we now take pictures, download music, record videos and manage and distribute them all over the wireless network. We wirelessly connect laptops to the internet, effectively making the mobile network a mobile DSL pipe. Enterprise customers leverage corporate network with their mobile workforces. In addition, 50 million new mobile subscribers are added worldwide every month, and new generation networks rollout with increasing frequency.

This talk will outline the disruptive forces in the cellular industry as subscribers grow, cell phones become broadband-enabled, and revenue plans fall. These are having a great effect on network infrastructure, particularly to backhaul. The deficiencies of current networks will be explored, and the future roles of different technologies discussed.

The Future of Cellular Infrastructure 2About the speaker,  Jonathan Wells, AJIS LLC

Jonathan Wells is President of AJIS LLC and an IEEE-CNSV member. He is a specialist in wireless technologies, and consults on RF, microwave and millimeter-wave radio systems, cellular backhaul, mobile networks, and emerging millimeter-wave and terahertz technology applications. He is active on many domestic and international wireless rule making bodies.

Jonathan holds a PhD in mm-wave electronics and an MBA with specialization in strategic R&D management. He is an IEEE Senior Member and a Chartered Engineer in Europe. He has lived and worked in the UK, New Zealand and the US.

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