Reliability Tools and Integration for the Manufacturing Phase

Tue, Sep 21 2004, 7:00 pm              Reliability Tools and Integration for the Manufacturing Phase 1

In the life cycle of a product, the majority of the reliability effort is spent in the design and prototype phase. However, very little is known about what we as engineers can do to improve the reliability of a product during the manufacturing phase.

Techniques such as Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS), Field Failure Tracking Systems and Reliability Performance Reporting programs are just a few of the methods we can use to improve a product’s reliability. Proper integration of each of these techniques can assure that we are getting maximum benefit out of each at the lowest possible cost to the program.

Reliability Tools and Integration for the Manufacturing Phase 2About the speaker,  Mike Silverman, CRE, Ops A La Carte, LLC

Mike Silverman is an experienced leader in reliability improvement through analysis and testing. He has also led numerous quality system development programs. He has 20 years of reliability and quality experience, the majority in start-up companies. Mike is also an expert in accelerated reliability techniques, including HALT and HASS. He is a Certified Reliability Engineer and founder and Managing Partner at Ops A La Carte, a Professional Consulting Company concentrating on providing a full spectrum of reliability services to customers.

Mike has 20 years of reliability experience. He set up and ran an accelerated reliability test lab for 5 years, testing over 300 products for 100 companies in 40 different industries. He has consulted for over 100 companies in a variety of different industries including telecom, medical, semiconductor, consumer and defense. Mike has authored and published 7 papers on accelerated reliability techniques and has presented these around the world. He has also developed and currently teaches 9 courses on reliability techniques.

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