Protecting Your Ideas: A Primer on Intellectual Property for Engineers

Tue, Nov 15 2011, 7:00 pm              Protecting Your Ideas: A Primer on Intellectual Property for Engineers 1

See IP SIG and Med SIG 6-7pm Pre-meeting info at bottom.

This talk will address two areas: (1) how the new America Invents Act (AIA) both helps and hinders independent engineering consultants, and (2) Intellectual Property (IP) protection for engineers.

The AIA as signed into law in September is quite controversial, and many predicted that it would benefit large corporations at the expense of “the little guy.” This talk will address this issue by presenting arguments that go both for and against this criticism.

This talk will also provide an introduction to IP protection for engineers. As an independent contractor or as an employee of a company, it is important to capture and protect the IP that you create. Many engineers remain unaware of how to protect IP, or of the importance of protecting IP.

Protecting Your Ideas: A Primer on Intellectual Property for Engineers 2About the speaker,  Gary J. Edwards, Ph.D., Esq., Haynes and Boone, LLP

Gary J. Edwards is a partner in Haynes and Boone’s Intellectual Property Practice Group in San Jose. He has extensive experience in patent litigation, patent prosecution and IP licensing. He has represented clients in various matters related to development, enforcement, defense and monetization matters.

Gary has a Ph.D. in Physics from the Univ. of Connecticut. He works with high technology companies to protect their technology, build intellectual property portfolios, assert those portfolios and defend against the assertions of competitors. He has a strong background in Physics and Materials Science. His analytical abilities and technical skills enable him to assist clients in a wide range of technical areas.

Dr. Edwards has broad experience in protecting diverse technologies. His experience covers a range of technological areas that includes:

  • optical devices
  • optical materials (including nonlinear materials, and LEDs)
  • semiconductor processing
  • semiconductor processing equipment (e-beam, lithography, surface inspection, materials deposition, etching)
  • semiconductor devices
  • energy storage technologies including solid-state batteries
  • alternative energy systems (e.g., solar, wind and tidal)
  • telecommunications (e.g., high-speed LAN, DSL, wireless, and modem technologies)
  • nanotechnologies (e.g., MEMS, superconducting devices, and materials structures)
  • electronic circuits
  • imaging technologies
  • remote sensing devices
  • information technologies (e.g., software and networking).

Gary’s broad technological background lends itself to complex technologies, novel materials structures, and cross-disciplinary technologies.

CNSV Pre-meeting #1: 6-7 pm

Intellectual Property (IP) SIG (Left-Side of Room)

Co-Chairs: Peter Salmon and Jonathan Wells

Presentation: Marketing an Expert Witness Practice, and Advanced Testifying Skills

Speaker: Jonathan Wells, AJIS Wireless Consulting; Peter Salmon, Peter C. Salmon, LLC

Jonathan Wells just attended the two-day SEAK “How to Market and Grow Your Expert Witness Practice: With Personal Attention” seminar, and Peter Salmon just attended the one-day SEAK “Advanced Testifying Skills-The Jury Trial Program” workshop. Jonathan and Peter will share their experiences and new insights from these two events.

Speakers’ Bios:
Jonathan Wells provides consulting expertise in RF design, product development, technical marketing and regulatory support of wireless communications systems. He has served as an IP litigation expert witness, and has a new book: Multi-Gigabit Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communications.

Peter Salmon has over 20 patent inventions, ranging from new semiconductor packaging methods and a system validation method to a mobile computer, a wall display, a digital printing press, electrostatic motors and generators, an electronic cleaning device for solar panels, and a new roll up display for a smart phone. He has also served as an Expert Witness.

Jonathan and Peter are both active in CNSV, including being co-chairs of the IP SIG.

CNSV Pre-meeting #2: 6-7pm

Medical Device (Med) SIG (Right-Side of Room)

Chair: Shashi Sathyanarayana

Presentation: How the Money Flows in Healthcare

Speaker: David Snyder, 42TEK, Inc.

This presentation is about getting a handle on what’s involved with payments in the health care industry, especially the differences between retail payments and the complex process that involves insurers and the government as well as consumers. The overlap between Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements and HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements will be addressed as well.

This talk will include an explanation of the situation today and how things may improve. Key topics covered will include:

  • payment flows from various payers to health care providers
  • Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account and Healthcare Reimbursement Account debit cards
  • IRS rules requiring pharmacies to substantiate product eligibility when FSA and HSA cards are used (IIAS)Speaker’s Bio:
    David M. Snyder, P.E., works at ViVOtech, Inc, a startup providing hardware and software for Near Field Communication (NFC) payment and marketing systems including Google Wallet (check out your local Peet’s coffee store). He is also the President of 42TEK, Inc., his product development and project management consulting practice. Mr. Snyder started working in the credit card industry in 1997 when he started with First Data Merchant Services. He led Apple’s corporation-wide efforts to comply with credit card data security requirements from 2005-08. At Kaiser Permanente, he helped guide the development and pilot of a private label credit card, and later managed enhancements to Kaiser pharmacy credit card systems.

Location: KeyPoint Credit Union

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