Professional Selling in a Competitive Market: Systematic B2B

Tue, Mar 21 2006, 7:00 pm              Professional Selling in a Competitive Market: Systematic B2B 1

The goal of all businesses is to generate profit, which requires you to get customers / clients. Hence, the process of winning customers is one of the most important processes in every company. Gerd will address:

  • “Business Analysis (of your prospect’s business)” and the “Extended Value Concept” to better financially justify your business’ offerings, and to differentiate them from those of your competition.
  • “Relationship Management”: how to make relationships measurable, and how to actively fight competition.
  • The issue of every business owner: how to make the sales process measurable to allow you to more accurately assess the status of your sales projects at any time within a sales cycle.


About the speaker,  Gerd Neumann, Ph.D., GN Consulting / 415.738.6405

Dr. Gerd Neumann is President and CEO of GN Consulting, LLC, a firm that provides expertise in business consulting. Gerd has achieved measurable and lasting increases in revenue and profit with companies in a variety of business sectors by applying systematic and successful sales techniques for sales teams and management tools for sales managers. He helps managers achieve their sales goals.

His experience includes:

  • Extensive experiences in general management. During his work as CEO of Nokia Cable, he handled multiple business cultures and successfully developed and implemented visions for future businesses. His strong results-orientation is demonstrated by substantial revenue and profit increases during his tenure.
  • More than 20 years of experience in sales, and has been Vice President of Sales in the telecommunication and data network equipment industry. He has managed a profit center with more than 80 sales persons, and he has personally started new business sectors using his marketing and sales skills.
  • Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Cologne, Germany, and extensive experience with and understanding of European cultures and businesses.



Location: KeyPoint Credit Union

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