Professional Engineer Licensing: Do I Really Need One?

Tue, Feb 14 2023, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm PST              Professional Engineer Licensing: Do I Really Need One? 1 Professional Engineer Licensing: Do I Really Need One? 2

The profession of engineering shares important characteristics with other professions such as law and medicine. One of these is a statutory requirement for licensure in order to legally perform work with health, safety, or financial consequences. In some branches of engineering, such as civil engineering, it is a routine job requirement. In certain other branches, such as electrical engineering, it is relatively rare. Nevertheless, licensure is a statutory requirement unless the engineering work is performed under one of several exemptions.

Consultants in particular encounter work where licensure is indicated, for instance with medical devices, high voltage electrical power, hazardous machinery, toxic chemicals, or biohazardous materials. Licensure can reassure potential clients of your expertise, and is an important credential for expert witness work. In short, even if you might not need a license most of the time, when it is important it is really important.

Our speaker, Orin Laney, is a Licensed Professional Engineer as his PE title indicates. In this talk, he will describe the definition and history of engineering, the historical and legal basis for licensure, how a license is obtained, the role in protecting the public, and possible consequences of unlicensed work.

Professional Engineer Licensing: Do I Really Need One? 4About the speaker,  Orin Laney, PE of Atwood Research

Orin Laney is a consultant specializing in mixed signal and analog design, RF instrumentation,
design for EMC compliance, and signal integrity. He has held a PE license since 2004, and is
also certified by the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers as an
EMC engineer. Orin has a BSEE from the Univ. of Maryland, an MSEE from San Jose State Univ., and an MBA from Brigham Young Univ., and is a CNSV member.

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