Object Storage Coming of Age: Big Data and Lots of Users

Tue, Nov 13 2012, 7:00 pm              Object Storage Coming of Age: Big Data and Lots of Users 1

Large-scale web and mobile applications, enterprise file sharing and life sciences applications have unique demands on storage systems. These services need lots of storage to accommodate the massive amount of data that accumulates. This data may be only occasionally accessed, or it may get requested by millions of users.

This talk will provide an overview of Swift, an open source object storage system that came out of the OpenStack project. Specific examples of how OpenStack Swift is being used today will be described, including high-volume websites, mobile application development, custom file-sharing applications, data analytics, and operations teams providing private storage infrastructure-as-a-service.

This talk will also include a detailed overview of the design of the Swift architecture, including its components and its hardware failure recovery mechanisms.

Object Storage Coming of Age: Big Data and Lots of Users 2About the speaker,  Joe Arnold, SwiftStack

Joe Arnold is the CEO of SwiftStack, a supplier of a storage system for web, mobile and as-a-service applications based on OpenStack Swift. He was part of the early public OpenStack Swift launches outside of Rackspace at Internap and KT.

Prior to working with OpenStack, Joe was the head of engineering at Engine Yard, overseeing the development of their Ruby on Rails deployment platform and AppCloud, and managing the open source development efforts of Rails 3, JRuby and Rubinius.

CNSV Pre-meeting: 6-7 pm

Intellectual Property (IP) SIG

Co-Chairs: Peter Salmon and Jonathan Wells

Presentation: Will the America Invents Act (AIA) Help or Hurt the Independent Inventor?

Speaker: Kim Rubin

The AIA means different things to different people. In this fast-paced and humorous talk, Kim will present his view of how each of the AIA’s major provisions impacts independent inventors.

Kim Rubin is a Menlo Park-based patent agent and inventor whose entrepreneurship started with a mag-stripe error correction system that he sold before graduating from UC Berkeley with an EE/CS degree. His diverse work includes a high-speed fiber-optic ring used in a majority of the worlds flight simulators, processors used in the B-2 bomber, control electronics for Disneyland Paris, and vehicle anti-collision patents.

Kim penned two international standards. He also founded PatientSafe Solutions, named by Forbes magazine as the 18th-fastest growing VC-backed company in the US. This company’s system to verify proper medication administration at the bedside is installed in over 200 hospitals.

Location: KeyPoint Credit Union

2805 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051
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