Networking: A Competency You Need to Master

Tue, Dec 11 2012, 7:00 pm              Networking: A Competency You Need to Master 1

Note: the talk will be preceded by the CNSV Annual meeting and election of 2013 officers.

Networking has evolved in many ways in recent years, but the underlying principles remain unchanged. Networking in now a necessary competency in corporate America and most of the world, but it has always been a required competency for any successful consultant.

This talk will show how networking for a consultant can be easy, even for introverts. To get what you need, you need to give first – the terms “pay it forward,” “boomerang effect” and “reciprocity principle” are all important in effective networking.

This talk will also teach you five easy steps for networking, building on LinkedIn and other social media. You will learn how to boost your productivity 30% in 2013, and you will also learn a few networking tips for the holidays.

Networking: A Competency You Need to Master 2About the speaker,  Rebecca Kieler, Kieler Career Consulting

Rebecca Kieler is a career-management consultant with a reputation for developing both insightful and practical strategies and tactics that enable clients to define and achieve their career goals. Whether the client wants to reach the next level, to find the next job or to uncover a new career direction, she helps them achieve tangible results.

She is also an experienced speaker, facilitator, and trainer at for-profit, not-for-profit, and academic organizations. Her 30 years of experience has been at several leading international outplacement organizations as well as Roche Pharmaceutical, Alza, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, Northop Grumman, Stanfords Graduate School of Business, UC Berkeleys Haas School of Business, Presidio School of Management SF, and Congresswoman Jackie Speiers Job Search Boot Camp.

CNSV Pre-meeting: 6-7 pm

Intellectual Property (IP) SIG

Co-Chairs: Peter Salmon and Jonathan Wells

Presentation: How to Be a Dangerous Expert Witness

Speaker: Steven Babitsky

Presentation Slides

Dangerous experts understand how to defeat opposing counsels tactics and are even capable of turning the tables on opposing counsel. Via video conference, Steven Babitsky will share some of the lessons he teaches in one of his popular SEAK seminars. He will share thoughts about trial preparation, defeating opposing counsels deposition and cross-examination tactics, and some techniques for delivering persuasive and memorable direct testimony.

Steven Babitsky was a personal injury litigator for twenty years, and is the former managing partner of the firm Kistin, Babitsky, Latimer & Beitman. He trains hundreds of experts every year through SEAKs scheduled programs for expert witnesses.

Location: KeyPoint Credit Union

2805 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051
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