Multi-Physics Simulation – Critical Systems Driven Product Development Strategies for Smart Appliances/White Goods (Webinar)

Ramesh Padmanaban of Siemens

Thu, Jan 25 2018, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PST        

Event Organizer: IEEE Spectrum - Tech Insiders

Location: Online Webinar 

The “IOT” is driving the need for smarter connected products found in and around the home. These connected technologies are also affecting products that previously weren’t required to be smart or connected. This means that products like appliances and other systems in the home are evolving rapidly. In the process of this evolution companies need to keep pace and be competitive by providing more feature functions, improving the way these products perform and increasing their efficiency all the while reducing costs and time to market. This is especially challenging when the control logic in these newer products and appliances is becoming more and more sophisticated and needs to be optimized to improve various system level performances like thermal, noise, vibration, power consumption and durability etc.

Making complex, high quality products will depend on a superior digitalization strategy that includes key enablers like Simulation to keep pace in this rapidly evolving market.

In this presentation we’ll uncover details and best practices that can shed light on how multi-physics simulation is making a systems driven product development approach possible for smart household appliances. Resulting in reduced product development cycle times, improved performance and reduction in the costs associated to warranty repairs, recalls and unnecessary prototypes.

  • We’ll show the methodology of systems driven product development and how simulation is a core integral part of this approach.
  • How system level performance simulation helps to identify many performance issues upfront avoiding expensive downstream changes.
  • How simulation driven design decisions are key in the entire lifecycle of smart products and how traceability plays a key role in warranty, regulatory and liability situations by providing cross discipline collaboration, coordination and compliance.
  • We will show case studies where simulation has played a key role in significant cost savings by reducing the number of prototypes, reducing the hardware testing time along with significant reductions in product development time.
    We believe that simulation plays a key role in making products smarter, cheaper, safer and easier to use.

Please join us while we take a deeper dive into multi-physics simulation capabilities for a robust systems driven product development approach.

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Multi-Physics Simulation – Critical Systems Driven Product Development Strategies for Smart Appliances/White Goods (Webinar) 1About the speaker,  Ramesh Padmanaban of Siemens

As a Simulation evangelist at Siemens, Ramesh’s goal is to help organizations leverage Multi-physics Simulation to develop products faster with great performance & lower cost. Ramesh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) and a Master of Science from The University of Akron (Ohio). He has 17 years of experience in applying Simulation methods to solve complex engineering problems.

Location: Online Webinar

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