MEPTEC – MEMS and Sensors Technology Symposium

John Baekelmans, Len Shaynblat

Tuesday, Jun 6, 2017 – Tuesday, Jun 6, 2017        

Much has changed over the last 15 years in the electronics industry, one of the most significant being the incredible growth of MEMS enabled sensors. The use of sensors in mobility applications has increased by more than 1000-fold over the last decade alone. MEPTEC’s 15th Annual MEMS and Sensors Technology Symposium is evolving as well, explicitly acknowledging sensors and how their integration in mobility, wearables, health care, automotive and health care devices continue to change the way we live, move, and communicate.

As these rapid transitions continue, what do the industry leaders see as new applications that will continue to drive these trends? What use cases require us to develop innovative solutions to enable highly reliable and cost effective products? At what point do we need alternative and out of the box solutions to keep up with the projected demand in tens of billions of units? Will serial manufacturing and test solutions of today scale to meet these requirements or do we need new additive manufacturing solutions to keep pace?

Topics will include:

New applications driving sensor technologies: smart textiles, automotive sensors, VR/AR systems, DNA sequencing and diagnostics, etc.

Manufacturing solutions for existing and new sensor technologies: Si technology evolution driving radical performance improvements in traditional MEMS (inertial, pressure, etc;) additive manufacturing solutions for sensors: radical package and system level integration solutions including integrated batteries, etc.

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MEPTEC - MEMS and Sensors Technology Symposium 2About the speaker,  John Baekelmans

Managing Director, Vice President, imec

MEPTEC - MEMS and Sensors Technology Symposium 3About the speaker, Len Shaynblat

Vice President Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Location: Holiday Inn San Jose - Silicon Valley

1350 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95112
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