Legal Pitfalls in Consulting Agreements

Tue, May 18 2010, 7:00 pm              Legal Pitfalls in Consulting Agreements 1

The provisions of a consulting agreement are critical to a consultant’s business success. From inception to closure, the consulting agreement defines the parameters of the business relationship between a consultant and a company. Hence, the agreement needs to clearly define the intentions of all parties, including potential third-party beneficiaries.

In this talk, Dave will describe a model consulting agreement by addressing the following topics:

  • Work description and scope: what to leave open, what to detail, what is customary in the industry
  • Various IP issues: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets; who owns what before, during and after the relationship
  • Warranties: what promises might come back to haunt you later
  • Indemnities: the expectations and obligations of each party
  • Payment provisions: pre-paid agreements, retainers, reasonable expenses and other financial terms
  • Legal terms consultants should understand


Legal Pitfalls in Consulting Agreements 2About the speaker,  David R. Stevens, Stevens Law Group, PC

Dave Stevens is a principle in the IP firm Stevens Law Group, PC. He has practiced IP law as a litigator, negotiator, contract specialist and company builder for over 17 years.

Dave specializes in startup company formation, and serves as legal counsel to numerous high tech startup companies as well as an IP advisor to consultants in various industries. He is an industry expert on IP procurement and monetization, and lectures around the world on these and other global IP topics as they relate to various locales, technologies and legal fields.

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