Conscious Objects: The Impact of RFID

Tue, Mar 15 2011, 7:00 pm              Conscious Objects: The Impact of RFID 1

RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) has become a part of everyday life in recent years. This talk will provide an overview of RFID, from its origins up through the current state-of-the-art. It will also provide insight into how RFID’s newest capabilities will enable an inter-connectivity of everyday objects that will change our world even more.

The opportunities that are opening up as RFID Tags and Readers become ever more widespread will provide the attendees with some eye-opening perspectives.

Conscious Objects: The Impact of RFID 2About the speaker,  Curt Carrender, Thinkify

Curt Carrender has worked with RFID since the 1990s. He has held RFID development and management positions at Motorola, Amtech, Intermec, the Department of Energy, Wave ID and Alien Technology. He is a founder of Thinkify, a local company specializing in integrating RFID into common objects, i.e., “Thinkifying” Things.

Curt was a charter member of the Auto ID Center at MIT and the HAG (Hardware Action Group). These groups were responsible for designing the EPC Generation 1 and Generation 2 protocols for RFID at EPCglobal. He holds over 45 fundamental patents related to RFID. He developed and named the Squiggle, the most successful UHF RFID tag ever made with over 500M units shipped. Curt is responsible for the design and development of several RFID protocols, as well as multiple tags, readers and systems throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Location: KeyPoint Credit Union

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