Cloud Computing Paradigms: MapReduce, Hadoop, Cascading

Tue, May 19 2009, 7:00 pm              Cloud Computing Paradigms: MapReduce, Hadoop, Cascading 1

Cloud computing promises to make a significant impact on engineering computing paradigms and application design in a number of important arenas. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud and subsequent Elastic MapReduce is only one of many providers offering cloud computing.

This talk will provide an overview of common programming methods in the cloud, including MapReduce, Hadoop, and Cascading. Hadoop is an open source implementation of the Google MapReduce processing model which has been widely embraced by startups and established companies like Yahoo! and Amazon. Cascading is another open source project which provides an alternative API to MapReduce, and which allows developers to rapidly create sophisticated applications on the Hadoop platform.

Cloud Computing Paradigms: MapReduce, Hadoop, Cascading 2About the speaker,  Chris K. Wensel, Scale Unlimited

Chris K. Wensel has been a Software and Systems Architect for over 15 years. He is the founder of Concurrent, Inc., and the originator of the Cascading data processing open-source project. He is also a Principal at Scale Unlimited, a professional services company offering commercial training and consulting for Hadoop and related scale-free architectures. Over the last seven years, Chris has deployed large and sophisticated data processing applications for use by companies providing geo-spatial, web content, and financial data services in both the traditional enterprise data-center and on Amazon EC2.

Location: KeyPoint Credit Union

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