A Grand Unified Theory of Internet Marketing for Consultants

Tue, Apr 2 2013, 7:00 pm              A Grand Unified Theory of Internet Marketing for Consultants 1

A lot of people want to give you information about using the Internet for marketing purposes. Some of this information is more appropriate for selling corn flakes, soap and diapers. Some of it is not appropriate for much of anything. Much of it is outdated or just plain wrong and you can waste a lot of time and energy with little or no result.

However, there’s a clear path that will help you draw qualified prospects into your (ahem) Web once you understand a few relatively simple facets of Internet marketing involving:

  • Google
  • Web sites
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Video

This Grand Unified Theory of Internet Marketing is based on Steve Leibson’s personal experiences coupled with years of research into what does and does not work on the Internet. This presentation will give you the foundation to more effectively market your consulting services and your products in very professional ways.

A Grand Unified Theory of Internet Marketing for Consultants 2About the speaker,  Steve Leibson, Xilinx, Inc.

Steve Leibson is an electrical engineer, technology journalist, market researcher, marketer and entrepreneur. He has designed computers and workstations at HP and Cadnetix, and is an IEEE Senior Member. He is currently Director of Strategic Marketing and Business Planning at Xilinx.

Steve was Editor-in-Chief of EDN Magazine and Microprocessor Report, and he has run the Microprocessor Forum. He made two technology infomercials with Leonard Nimoy. Since 1985, Steve has studied and used many forms of printed, online and live media to communicate with technical people in the electronics industry, from the CEO down to the design engineer.

CNSV Pre-meeting: Intellectual Property (IP) SIG (6-7 pm)

Co-Chairs: Joel Williams, Tal Lavian and Jerry Rice

Location: Aristotle Room

An Introduction to the Legal Issues Surrounding Open Source Software

Speaker: Daliah Saper, Esq., Saper Law Offices

In this telecon talk, Daliah Saper will explain how copyright law applies to open source licensing, and will also provide an overview of key case law in this area. A presentation she gave at an Open Source conference is here.

Daliah Saper, Esq. has handled many high profile cases (including one she argued before the Illinois Supreme Court), and is regularly interviewed on national TV, radio, and in several publications including Fox News, CNBC, ABC News, The Chicago Tribune, WGN Radio, NPR and a slew of smaller websites.

She has repeatedly received the honor of being named a Rising  by Super Lawyers magazine (2009-2013), was recognized as a leading Media and Entertainment lawyer by Chambers and Partners, was featured on the cover of The Xemplar magazine, was profiled by the Chicago Law Bulletin, and was nominated for the prestigious ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award.

This year, Law Bulletin Publishing Company selected Daliah Saper as a 40 under 40 an incredibly competitive list of accomplished attorneys compiled from over 1250 qualified nominations. (Read the detailed profile here.)

CNSV Pre-meeting: MedSIG (6-7 pm)

Co-Chairs: Shashidhar Sathyanarayana and Carl Angotti

Location: E.O. Wilson Room (adjoining the Aristotle Room)

How Do You Start a Medical Device Company With a Billion Dollar Idea?

Speaker: Manish D. Kulkarni, Ph.D.

Most of you have had an Eureka moment where you had that Billion Dollar Idea that could dramatically improve the life of a patient. Now What? Consultants normally work from client to client, but consultants also have the luxury of taking a break and trying something thrilling in between contracts. This talk will discuss various execution details including the protection of your intellectual property, forming a medical device company, building a prototype, performing market research, avoiding a conflict of interest, raising money, performing clinical trials, obtaining regulatory approvals and taking a product to the market.

Manish D. Kulkarni, Ph.D. is a consultant, entrepreneur and scientist. He owns a consulting business, DiagSoSys, and a product business, and advises many start-ups in the bay area. Manish has strong experience in product development, software engineering, signal/image processing, optics and systems engineering. He has a Bachelors in EE from Indian Institute of Technology, a Masters in Physics from Michigan Technological Univ., and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve Univ. He has published 12 journal articles, 23 conference presentations, and has 4 issued US patents and many pending patent applications.

Location: Agilent Technologies, Bldg. 5

5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95051
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