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System Validation Engineer – Engineering Program Manager
CNSV Affiliate Member

Semiconductors, SoC Development and Manufacturing, Server CPU Power-Performance Validation; Gigabit Ethernet Performance Analysis; System/IP Validation; FPGA/Transceiver Engineering Program management

Sanfrancisco Bay Area, CA

Benjamin Reaves 1

Bus. Phone: 650.924.2367
Fax:  650.249.0102
CNSV Member
IEEE Member

Speech recognition, NLP, Japanese language, in-vehicle info systems, automotive UX, driver vehicle interaction

405 El Camino Real, #458
Menlo Park, CA 94025

John Reykjalin 2

Grizzly Peak Engineering
Bus. Phone: 510 540 5698
Mobile: 510.540.5698
CNSV Member
IEEE Member

We do algorithm implementation on AMD/Xilinx Zynq and Versal devices.

25 Avenida Dr.
Berkeley, CA 94708-2122

Jerry Rice 4

Bus. Phone: 650.207.8235
Mobile: 650.207.8235
CNSV Member
IEEE Life Member

Machine/Device automation software, real-time instrumentation, data networking, and electronic/robotic automation.

660 Arboleda Dr.
Los Altos, CA 94024

Bus. Phone: 925.455.8008
CNSV Emeritus Member
IEEE Member

Mathematics, physics, computer software, project leadership.

842 Lucille St
Livermore, CA 94550-3519

Jeff Safire 6

Bus. Phone: 925.462.5454
Mobile: 925.462.5454
CNSV Member
IEEE Member

Websites, Webapps, Database, Source Code comparison, Source Code analysis, Patents, Copyright, Trade Secret, IPR, Intellectual Property, Expert Witness, Firmware, ATA/IDE, SCSI, Servo.

2267 Oakland Avenue
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Peter Salmon 8

Engineering consultant, system designer, tech writer

1885 S Springer Rd Unit B

Shashidhar Sathyanarayana 10

Bus. Phone: 510.673.6113
CNSV Member
IEEE Senior Member

Algorithm Development, Deep Learning, Image/Signal Processing, Machine Learning. Applications: Biomedical Systems, Computer Vision, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics and more.

SF Bay Area, CA  

Stan Schekall 12

GF HI-Tech Inc
Bus. Phone: 408-529-4582
Mobile: 408-529-4582
CNSV Member
IEEE Member

Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software
FPGA & ASIC Design
PCB Design

635 Malarin Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95050
United States

Hans Schiesser 13

HS Consulting
Bus. Phone: 408.529.6626
CNSV Member
IEEE Member

Manufacturing Operation Management, Product Design, Six Sigma Green Belt SMTA Engineer, Design for Manufacturability, Manufacturing Process & Tooling, KISS system Implementation, Trouble Shooting

1122 Sioux Ct
Fremont, CA 94539

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