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This Morning Routine Will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week 1
Posted Friday, May 3, 2019 by Jeff Safire

I found this article from 2016 quite interesting. I have been a “late person” my whole life – that is, I have always been a late-riser. Every now and then when I happen to wake up earlier because someone scheduled a meeting at 8 AM without asking for my consent, I have noticed it…

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Is There a Future for Laundry-Folding Robots? 2
Posted Monday, Apr 29, 2019 by Jeff Safire

The company behind the Laundroid robot folds itself, but that’s not the end for laundry folding robots (yet) By Evan Ackerman, IEEE Spectrum The promising thing about laundry-folding robots is that they target a job that everybody does frequently, and nobody really likes. But to be successful in robotics, especially in consumer robotics, you…

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Untold History of AI: The DARPA Dreamer Who Aimed for Cyborg Intelligence 3
Posted Monday, Apr 15, 2019 by Jeff Safire

AI is often told as the story of machines getting smarter over time. What’s lost is the human element in the narrative, how intelligent machines are designed, trained, and powered by human minds and bodies.

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Man helped double-check sums keeping Apollo 11 safe 4
Posted Friday, Apr 5, 2019 by Jeff Safire

The Apollo stories: Dennis Sager was one of the last employees of the human-led backstop for the computation that made the mission possible. by Erin Winick   April 3, 2019 In the months leading up to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, we will be sharing the stories of the people who…

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Monitoring Heart Health, One Toilet Seat at a Time 5
Posted Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019 by Jeff Safire

This smart seat keeps tabs on your heart while you take care of business By Megan Scudellari Photo: Karl Q. Schwarz Time and again, studies show that people are not good at consistently taking medication, following health care plans, or regularly recording health information, even when our doctor tells us to. And that’s a…

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