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Speakers at AICS Go In Depth on Green AI Computing 1
Posted Thursday, Jun 8, 2023 by Jeff Safire

EE Times Staff – The theme of the 5th IBM IEEE AI Compute Symposium (AICS), held at an IBM research center last fall in New York, was “scalability to sustainability.” Symposium presenters from industry and academia covered a range of topics, including device technology, circuits, architecture, algorithms and sustainability…

Skylab: The Space Station That Fell on Australia 2
Posted Thursday, May 4, 2023 by Jeff Safire

Article by Allison Marsh: Fifty years ago, on 14 May 1973, a modified Saturn V rocket launched from the Kennedy Space Center carrying Skylab, the United States’ first space station. Six years later, in the early hours of 12 July 1979, Skylab reentered Earth’s atmosphere in a fiery blaze, spreading debris across the Indian…

Smart lighting, security drive increase in smart home device adoption 3
Posted Thursday, Feb 23, 2023 by Jeff Safire

Article by Arielle Feger The share of worldwide video entertainment smart home device shipments will decrease between 2022 and 2026 as the number of smart security device and smart lighting device shipments grow. The share of worldwide video entertainment smart home device shipments will decrease between 2022 and 2026 as the number of smart…

How Amazon’s Struggles May Affect Smart Home Owners 4
Posted Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023 by Jeff Safire

Article by Jay Basen   Feb 15, 2023 People that use Alexa devices as the primary user interface to control their smart home should be concerned about the news coming out of Amazon. CNBC reported that Amazon would be cutting approximately 18,000 people. While many of these job losses are said to come from…

Intel’s new desktop processor reaches 6GHz without overclocking 5
Posted Friday, Jan 13, 2023 by Jeff Safire

Intel has just introduced a new desktop processor, the Core i9-13900KS, that can reach up to 6GHz without overclocking, making it the fastest desktop processor available. This is made possible by the processor’s Thermal Velocity Boost feature, which allows the chip to run faster when it’s cool enough.

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