Honda self-driving concept offers on and off modes

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by Nancy Cohen,  Tech Xplore

Monday, Dec 23, 2019

Nervous about the self driving future? You are not alone. The AAA newsroom in March reported on the AAA's annual automated vehicle survey which found that 71 percent of people were afraid to ride in fully self-driving vehicles.

OK, people did not need to sign up for emotional support groups when personal computers with their own carry cases changed desktop office work forever but we're talking cars and we're talking about a future of self-driving machines. Make no mistake. As RoadShow said flatly, "The thought of giving up control in the car, frankly, scares people."

Well Honda has such concerns in mind with a concept that will be on show at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas. "Does the idea of a car that takes care of driving during the boring bits, but leaves you in control for the fun stuff, interest you?" asked Kyle Patrick in

"In the autonomous future, Honda believes that customers will be able to enjoy mobility in new ways when freed from the responsibility of driving. At the same time, customers may still want to experience the emotion and thrill of driving," Honda said.

Honda's new concept car can easily switch between self- and manual-driving. You can enjoy a seamless drive with both hands on the wheel on a scenic ride by the shore. What is interesting is Honda's reason for working out the concept—allowing drivers to still "experience the emotion and thrill of driving" when they want to.

Sean Szymkowski, Roadshow: "It's honestly not a poor way to approach things. Few enjoy driving when it entails stop and go traffic or a mundane commute. More people like driving when it's fun and creates an enjoyable experience."