StoreDot says 5 Minute EV Charging Just A Year Away

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Monday, Jun 1, 2015

Last year Israeli startup StoreDot burst onto the battery scene with claims that it had developed a battery that could recharge a smartphone in just 30 seconds. StoreDot is back again, and now the company claims that by next year it will have scaled up its battery technology to recharge 300 miles worth of range in just 5 minutes, reports GeekTime, and that could totally flip the script on electric cars.

How did StoreDot do it? The startup has developed a technology called Nonodots, atomic-scale storage filled with organic peptide molecules that can hold information and connect to form a much larger structure. These Nonodots can be sourced from a variety of low-cost, organic materials like cotton, which means that StoreDot batteries not only recharge faster, but are also much cheaper than standard lithium-ion batteries as well.