DHS Secretary Sees Great Promise in EINSTEIN 3A

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Thursday, Jul 9, 2015

‘Cyber threats are increasing in their frequency, scale, sophistication, and severity.’

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Charles Johnson said in a speech on July 8 that he believed all civilian federal agencies will be using EINSTEIN 3A (E3A) – a cybersecurity platform – by the end of this year.


First deployed in 2013, E3A can identify and block known malicious traffic. According to Johnson the platform has blocked over 550,000 requests to access potentially malicious websites, he said. “These attempts are often associated with adversaries who are already on federal networks attempting to communicate with their ‘home base’ and steal data from agency networks,” Johnson added.

He further described E3A as a “platform for future technologies and capabilities to do more. This includes technology that will automatically identify suspicious Internet traffic for further inspection, even if we did not already know about the particular cybersecurity threat.”